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Our Legal Specialists are trained and certified to support our legal clients with customer service, legal intake, answering service, contracts & retainers, and mass tort.


Our Healthcare Specialists are trained and certified to support our healthcare clients with call answering, patient intake and scheduling directly within our clients’ EMR/EHR platforms.

Financial Services

Our Financial Service Specialists are trained to support our clients with customer service, sales and credit/collections, including our team of Certified Financial Counselors.

Home Services

Our Home Services Specialists provide customer service & inbound / outbound appointment scheduling directly within our client’s CRM platform.

Virtual Receptionists

Our Virtual Receptionists knows what it takes to provide message taking, lead capture and scheduling for 1,000’s of SMBs across multiple industry verticals.

Other Industries

Our Team supports clients across multiple industries, including: Technology, Insurance, Temporary Housing, Travel, Transportation & others.

Improving CX

Building positive customer relationships that boost your bottom line

Creating a positive customer experience can lead to increased customer loyalty, higher customer lifetime value, positive word-of-mouth marketing, and reduced customer acquisition costs, all of which can increase a company’s profitability.

CallCentered uses a combination of Business Intelligence, Operations, Training and Quality (BiOTQ) to drive CX for our clients.

Lead Capture, Inside sales & Customer Retention

Our  proprietary approach to sales uses a combination of top-quartile competencies and behaviors to drive best-in-class results.

More Sales

Increased sales rates require sales-professionals to effectively navigate the customers' buying journey. It’s not the sales-steps. It’s the sales-behaviors!

More Quality

If generating long-term customer revenue is your goal, how you sell your product or service is critical. Features tell, Benefits sell.

More Retention

Improving customer retention rates requires you to re-sell the value that your business offers. There is no reason to let your competition sell more value.

More Insights

Data doesn’t lie. Sales professionals that demonstrate the 24-behaviors of successful selling, generate 25%+ higher sales rates, stick rates and CSAT.


Are Your customers being well attended to?

Companies outsource their call center work to BPOs they trust and who consistently deliver on results.

At CallCentered, we do not take our client or their trust for granted.  Our core values center around  building and maintaining that trust.  What and how we deliver the results for our clients is core to who we are as a company.